Handrail Luminaire

  • Housing made of aluminium with a cover of PMMA (IK10).
  • Housing made from an extruded aluminium profile, length of the variants 125 mm (1 LED), 125 mm (2 LEDs), width 34 mm.
  • The luminaire body is attached inside the handrail by means of two clips. The clips are included in the ewo delivery.
  • The handrail must have the following characteristics: outer diameter 42.4 mm, Wall thickness s= 2 mm. The cut-outs must be fabricated according to ewo instructions.LED Lighting Unit
  • LED board in metal core (1.6 mm thick).
  • Fitted with 1-2 LEDs (single chip).
  • Color temperature: neutral white (4,000 K) CRI ≥70, warm white (3,000 K) CRI ≥80, warm white (2,700 K) CRI ≥70, warm white (2,200 K) CRI ≥70.
  • 1 to 2 lenses made from highly-transparent Plexiglas (PMMA).
  • Different emission characteristics for street, path, and area lighting. AP06, AP07, AS07. All light distributions can be combined within one housing.
  • The LED lighting unit is in compliance with the Low-Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.
  • Luminaire is shipped prewired, cabled and ready for connection. 2x connection cable 3×0,5mm² halogen free with connector for through-wiring mounted on the luminaire body.
  • Luminaire protection class I.
  • The luminaire has a protection rating of IP 67.
  • Degree of shock resistance IK10.
  • Weight: ID1 = 0.18 kg, ID2 = 0.18 kg.
  • The luminaire is in compliance with regulation EN 60598-1:2015 + A1:2018.
  • The manufacturer has been certified in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2015 e EN ISO 14001:2015.

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