By Delta Light

The absence in its presence, the presence in its absence.

Invisible, yet tangible.
The effect is there, but where does it come from? With a miniature aperture of only 10mm, Nime focuses on what is important and puts it in the spotlight. It’s not about Nime, it’s about what Nime can do. The combination of its focusable beam angle together with its adjustability allows for a multitude of application possibilities, while maintaining a uniform look and feel throughout the project. The black hole reflects no light, but the light of Nime finds its way out. The tangible part disappears inside its heart, and the intangible part illuminates the object.

Better not underestimate Nime, as the aperture of only 10mm is only the façade that hides away a host of possibilities to control your beam. Within the same opening and thanks to an ingenious set of custom optics, Nime allows you to focus the beam from 20° up to 50° and offers rotation up to 355° and tilting up to 30°, without changing its looks. With this magic trick, Nime lets you:
• Emphasize objects on vertical and horizontal surfaces, without visual appearance of the fitting or its source
• Light up small to large objects, even when they are not aligned with the luminaire.
• Perfectly address the light where it is needed, even in slope ceilings.
• Create equal circles of light from both low and higher ceilings.

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