Luminous homogeneity •



Cifralluminio was founded in 1990 and developed its product range for the advertising and visual communications markets. During it’s life Cifralluminio was the partner of choice for many important projects in Italy. The idea of diversifying it’s production to include LED Light panels and architectural lighting pieces came from the demand of its current clientele looking for something bold and different in the lighting world.  In 2009 “Folio Panel” was born! A LED panel having high quality standards, homogeneous distribution of light, High luminous efficiency, low consumption of energy and slim aesthetic. Completely different from the ones present in the market nowadays. Folio products are diffused light ornaments combined with technical efficient light emitting technologies. Folio is borderless luminous homogeneity in a few millimetres of thickness. Folio is elegance and value, in customizable shapes and backlit materials suitable for different installations.

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