on October 18, 2021

Lucian & Nocturnal partner with FAME

Earlier this year, a search for “Nocturnal Dunnart” intended for the search field on our website was actually entered into google by mistake. Unbeknown to us, this small error would lead to an extraordinary outcome, and a partnership that we are incredibly proud of. One of the search results that...
on October 10, 2021

Solander Oval

Solander Oval – Lit by ewo Designing and executing a lighting scheme for sporting fields can present a unique set of challenges on the best of days. This is made even the more difficult when faced with pre-existing infrastructure, high density housing and local wildlife habitats in close proximity. Recently...
on July 24, 2020

Wildlife Retreat at Taronga

Nocturnal Lighting lights up Wildlife Retreat at Taronga, Sydney NSW. The recently completed Wildlife Retreat at Taronga is an elegant Australian eco-retreat nestled within the idyllic bushland of Taronga Zoo Sydney, overlooking Sydney harbour designed by Cox Architecture. “The built outcome celebrates the principle of strong engagement and interaction between architecture and...