Folio® Marble belongs to the Folio® Materials family and is characterised by its reduced thickness and marble diffuser.
The light panel is made to measure and it is possible to customise its size, shape, type of marble applied and thickness, as well as make special processing on it.
The product is made up of the external aluminium protective shell that favours rigidity and heat dissipation and the internal transparent methacrylate plate (“source”) laser processed following the Folio® custom engraving algorithm which allows to obtain a guaranteed light homogeneity of 97%. The diffuser in marble or onyx, with a thickness between 5 and 30mm, is placed on the opal and it protects the LED circuit as well as the “source” plate without hindering light transmission, improving the aesthetics of the panel, both when turned off that lights up, thanks to the material finish and the “full light” effect with bright edges. The components are fixed together with micro-screws placed on the rear perimeter of the panel; the tips of the screws are visible on the bright side of the panel.

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