By Delta Light

The Superloop family is an extensive range of slim circular and square shapes, offering a multitude of illumination options. Superloop allows you to choose ‘functional’, by mounting adjustable Spy spot modules on the round or square shaped base. It allows you to choose ‘decorative’, by mounting the light emitting circle in a horizontal way, or it allows you to choose ‘eye catcher’, by hanging the circle of light vertically, as a statement.

Superloop circular light has the ability to diffuse light all around. The loop can be hung using steel cables, based in one fixation point or multiple suspension points, or from a steel rod suspending the ring from the air. Superloop is also available in a round or square shape with a Delta Light custom engineered 48V low voltage track on the inside. This allows you to position and move light modules all around, offering maximum flexibility and allowing you to meet any need of the project.

The modules enable you to move from subtle functionality to very expressive or timeless elegance. The Flemish Gold and Flemish Bronze finishes or the Spot modules Vizir and Hedra offer you a way to upgrade the minimal appearance of the loop. By adding the Fix modules with down- or down-up light, combined with a clear or frosted glass, you can transform your Superloop into a modern chandelier.

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