Design Neil Poulton 

“Toggle” was designed to be a versatile little nightime reading lamp, able to be mounted in multiple orientations.
The lamp’s signature detail – the “toggle” switch – was stolen from Gibson’s iconic Les Paul guitar – the switch which lets you toggle between pickups, now redeployed as an oversized, easy-to-flip on-off switch.
The result is a friendly little wall lamp with a wagging “toggle” tail and a big, easily orientated head, ideal for your headboard or wall. Toogle is made of die-cast aluminium body powdercoated in white, black or grey with a satin polycarbonate diffuser, it has an intergreat LED light source @2700K, 4.4W 700lm and built-in power supply. For dimming otpions with remote power supply are avilable.

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